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Just another example of THE MAN holding me down.

Dammit. That's all I can think of.

Let me explain. I'm a vegetarian. I'm not a tree-hugging, hackey-sack-playing hippie vegetarian, but I did choose a few years ago to bypass meat in order to live a healthier lifestyle. It didn't really create that much of a change in my eating habits, except I no longer had to shop in the deli section of the local food conglomerate. When at restaurants, I had to order pasta for just about every meal. There's an alternate to almost every dish that a carnivore can make without meat. It's a simple equation actually: when the recipe calls for meat, don't put any in. In severe cases, a portabella mushroom, slice of eggplant, or bit of tofu would serve as substitute.

The only problems I had were with eating with others. My parents, for example, don't quite understand that I'm content to eat "side dishes" as an entre. Mashed potatoes, corn, peas, and roll IS a meal for me, mother. That's actually how I came to cope with trips to restaurants and, in particular, fast food joints. When I was hungry for a green salad, I would have a green salad, but for the most part I would just eat some French fries, slurp on a soft drink and vow to eat something more substantial later.

And then this.

It's hard enough to go to a restaurant that doesn't blatantly announce that they put meat in everything on the menu (try, sometime, going to a restaurant and ordering enough to feed you without any meat), but now MacDonald's has been secretly putting beef in their French fry seasoning for years!

As I said earlier, most recipes for foods with meat can easily be prepared without the meat. Well, this is the ultimate in gratuitous meatification. I didn't have a lot of reasons to set foot in a MacDonald's before, as a vegetarian, but what's next? Will they start making chicken-flavored vanilla milkshakes? One can only dream.

If you didn't already know, Doritos also use beef to flavor their chips and Funjuns have buttermilk in their batter (for the vegans smart enough to find my website).

Well, enough hot air for today (and the week), it's FRIDAY! I've been waiting for this day since, well, last Friday.

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