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What's playing on your home theatre?

Whatever happened to Lou Diamond Phillips?

And while we're talking about movies... (try to follow me. Lou Diamond Phillips was an really, we were talking about movies) I saw something funny a few weeks ago. I had finally put aside the time to go see the new Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers while I was at a conference. I missed the matinee show by 10 minutes and had to pay $9.50 instead of $5.00, but that's another matter.

As I was walking into the theatre (far from packed in its fourth week of release), I noticed a small line waiting outside the entrance. Two things immediately started my wheels a-spinnin':

1. It's a little ridiculous to expect that a small, red canvas band will hold back a crowd of adults, but it seems to perform every time.

2. What movie are they waiting for? Judging by the time of night (5:40 pm) and the size of the crowd (about 20), there were two estimates. It could either be a big blockbuster that didn't start for several more hours OR it could be a small-time movie that each of these paying customers thought would be a big hit.

It turns out that these people were all of the 20 people who saw National Security the first week it was out. There is a bright side, however. At least that line of people wasn't waiting to see Jerry Bruckheimer's newest, latest, over-graphically-enhanced flop, Kangaroo Jack.

A talking kangaroo? Even my dog says that's silly, and he's barely earned his GED.

Christopher Walken may be the only saving factor for this flick.

So, the moral of today's lesson:

Write a letter. Not only does it keep you away from movie theatres for a short while, it's 2500% cheaper. And if someone out there is actually reading this, write to my grandmother for me. I owe her a letter. Piece out.

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