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Where's the beat?? (spoken in an annoyingly nasal voice)

Yo yo yo.

I don't know if it's my transition from the Midwest to the left coast or my transition from college to the workforce, but I've noticed that no one listens to music anymore. Honestly, what's the deal? It isn't that I've made that many friends here that I should be able to pass on their judgments, but no one seems to be obligated to thump the good stuff. Oh sure, you can hardly find a car (especially every Honda Civic) without the requisite bass power to sterilize a herd of horses, but that's just a social stigma nowadays - it's only four wheels and a seat if the decibel level can't make you vomit from 400 feet. Throwing up has never been so cool. It makes me wonder if maybe Listerine isn't in on the deal somehow.

When I walk past the door of a home, I should be able to tell what kind of music the owner's listen to. For instance, anyone that dares enter my apartment will only find quiet when I'm asleep or gone. Under no circumstances will you hear country music. Ever.

This lack of tunes disappoints me because I like to think of the music as a soundtrack to my life. Buy a stereo and stop pretending that your life is a musical! It isn't. Life should be an action movie. Also not counted are show tunes. No one has that much fun in life, not even Anna Nicole Smith.

And since I'm talking about the sorry state of music, let me just say three words. Kelly. Osbourne. Groan. Well, now I've gone and made myself ill. We'll just have to cut this short. I need a sandwich anyway.

Those of you with fast connections and a penchant for flash animation should enjoy Strongbad rules!

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