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Your introduction to me! (p.s. I'll still ignore you)

Well, hello there. Welcome to As a disclaimer, I would like to warn you all before you read too far into the website - this is intended to be a humorous site. The things written here may or may not be funny to you, but regardless of what you think, my grandmother still loves me. In other words, you may be offended. That, to me, is funny.

In the first installment of the StuffLife blog, I would like to talk about the word "blog." It is a funny, little four-letter word (albeit not a curse word) that can be loosely translated to "random things that show up at regular intervals on a website." I'll buy that. You will, too, if you know what's good for you. In any case, the ramblings that you will find on this page will qualify as a blog at some point in time. As for now, in these humble beginnings where you won't find much other than the blog or two that live on the homepage, you should take the time to notice that there really is a vision for this website. I would like to use this to share with you (the nine people who stumble in through the gates) the funny things that happen to me.

First, a little information about myself is in order. I am from the upper Midwest (born and raised) and just moved to the armpit of California, also know as the Central Valley. I came here first and foremost for the climate of the lower latitudes, but also to find work in a bit of a competitive job market. I'm in my mid-20's, single, and having some difficulty adjusting to living in a small town where one would be more likely to find a Spanish speaking native than a Midwestern stable of Caucasian Lutherans. Do you know what I have noticed, though? The populations suffers from the same types of problems, they're just in a different language. The Laundromat lets me know that the dryers no funciona.

If you came here looking for the news, you're a long way from home. Those news seekers (or anyone looking for a day-waster) should go to

That's all I have for now. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for tuning in.

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