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So, it's a slow news week so far. I hope it picks up a bit.

I was growing tired and weary of the survey question about the smurfs. Not that anyone will miss it (there were only 7 votes), but you can still access it.

So, really. We need more viewers and definitely need more submitters. Do me a favor and write something this week and send it in. It could be anything, a review, a poll or survey, or just talk about nothing like I do. It doesn't matter to me.

And while you're doing all this work for me, follow some advice...

condom sticker

I think this is funny not for the message, but for the period at the end of the sentence. I see it as a whole in the jimmy-hat. If there's a whole in the rubber, why bother at all?

Maybe some day soon, there will be a Junior. Wouldn't that be the day...

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