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News from the Gooch

It seems like months since I have set aside any time to just pound something out for the site. My motivation level is very low as of late because I'm looking for a new job. I've been spending quite a bit of time working on my resume and pulling together letters of reference; all to send them out of the Gooch. When I think about all the places I would like to be, this place hasn't come up a single time. To be honest, this place isn't awful, it truly has a few things going for it, but I'd rather not breathe this horrible, thick air any longer.

In other news, there is someone that I have been seeing frequently and recently. His name is Abraham and he lives on my speaker in a bowl. He and I have been having short conversations, but there is a problem - He doesn't reply. I guess I shouldn't expect so much from a fish, but I do a lot for him. I clean his bowl once in a while and I do remember to feed him every couple of days. I'd say we're a perfect match for each other.

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