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"An update on my friend, Abraham"

Okay, first, the good news.

I can keep a fish alive for 46 days! That doesn't sound very impressive unless you compare it to the number of days that I expected Abraham to live: 2.

In other news, Abraham the goldfish (actually black) died on Thursday, May 15th. He was survived my me, his purchaser, owner, and caretaker. That, of course, begs the question "How much care was I really taking of this fish?"

The old myth of feeding your fish as much as it can eat in several minutes several times a day was ignored, so I know that I definitely did not overfeed him to death - The food container was hardly dented. On the contrary, I definitely did not starve him to death either. Even during his last days, there were new, long strings of fish business scattered across the bottom of his bowl each day.

Goldfish really are the manure-producers of the world. Abraham could have turned 5 ounces of food into 8 ounces of crap. He was blessed!

News from outside the bowl
No information yet on the new town I'll soon be infecting. I had an interview a few weeks ago and left feeling that I'd either made a great impression or been very arrogant. Considering they were supposed to call a week ago if I was to have a second interview, I'd say that the latter was the cause of my problems. I must say that it is probably better this way anyway; I don't think that I could have afforded to live in their town.

Next up, I have an interview in a town which I know nothing of. I've been trying to research some things about it, but I've had only marginal success. The interview is close to 5 hours from here and it's on a Wednesday, so I may have to be sick on Thursday and Friday also. Could lead to a 6-day weekend for my birthday...and I think that's a nice present to myself. What do you think?

Aw, who am I kidding? I won't listen to your advice. I guess that means I'll be heading ... south.

Highway 666 in Colorado

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