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I've got one for ya'

Happy Anniversary

I had a crazy dream the other night. I was going to visit a friend from middle school at his old house. (Where he lived 10+ years ago) I arrived and walked up to the house where I knocked on the garage door. (strange) The door was lifted up manually by a woman I used to work with. She was naked.

As I walked into the garage, I realized that it was close to 100 feet long and completely enclosed by plywood, giving each wall and ceiling the same, dull look. However, there was door breaking up the monatony. Soon through that door streamed three small children. I mostly ignored them as they played in the back half of the garage because I was talking to the "mother" who was suddenly clothed. We sat in lawnchairs on the concrete slab of a garage floor for a while when I finally looked up and noticed a peeled banana hanging on the end of a string through a hole in the ceiling. When I asked her about it, she went through the door and tried to pull the banana back through the hole, but it was much too big to come back up. Although she pulled very rigorously, the banana never broke or got mushed.

What does this have to do with the picture above?

Nothing. Happy Anniversary, brother. And sister."

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