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Heat Relief '03

I have successfully moved. I have packed and unpacked all of my belongings. I have filled the back of a rental truck with more junk than I can truly afford. I have transferred utility services. I have cancelled and restarted the telephone, cable, and DSL. I have decided not to move again for quite some time. Oh yeah, I have escaped the heat. The average daily temperature in Newville is almost 30 degrees cooler than in Oldville.

cowboy in an outhouse

Personally speaking, I'm as happy as a cowpoke in a new-fangled outhouse. Yes, those are flowers on the shower curtain. And yes, I'm straight.

But don't ask about the refrigerator unless you want to buy it. I bought a fridge for my old apartment because one wasn't supplied. Because I assumed that I'd be living there for longer than 10 months, I bought a nice, big one with lots of storage and glass shelves. Less than a year later, I move to a different city and my new apartment already has a refrigerator. That's not a big deal, I'll just have the manager take out the small, communal one that's already in there because I have a fridge already. Then I realize that my refrigerator is ... well, enormous.

just less than $1000 / $46 per cubic foot = 21.6 cubic feet of refrigerator goodness

Needless to say, my new, nice fridge doesn't fit into the opening in the new apartment. Yeah, and of course, the manager had already taken the old fridge out, so I didn't even have a crappy refrigerator for the first two days that I lived here.

Right around the first of the month, the refrigerator dilemma was over. The "new", old, crappy fridge was put in and I was able to fill it. For those of you readers keeping track at home, the first inhabitant was not beer.

However, I still have my nice, black fridge to contend with. I can't put it in my new apartment. Not only does it not fit in the opening for a refrigerator, I'm not sure that it wasn't too large to go up the stairs. I didn't really want to leave it at my brother's place, so I had to find a house for it, and quick. I needed to move it while I still had the ease of a rental truck and an appliance dolly. After many phone calls (complicated by the fact that I didn't have a phone book), I found a local storage place that was willing to falsify my documents so that I only had to pay $21 a month to store this monstrosity. But, if I can't sell it by the 24th of this month, I have to pay $42 more.

So, not only do I have to use this crappy, little fridge, I have to pay to not use my nice fridge. Well, they usually say that something will always go wrong when you move. If that's the worst of it, I'll consider myself fortunate.

By the way, thanks Richard and Ewen.

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