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Reports Now Show That Reports Don't Always Report The Truth

I've been lying low lately, trying to get into the swing of the new job, and I think things are finally starting to come together. I came down with a sore throat to start out this last week, but refused to take off any days and actually felt better as the week progressed. I guess my stubborn works after all.

To work on a couple of threads that have been started in the last few months, I've finally sold the refrigerator. Thanks Craig's List. I also broke down and bought a microwave. I needed to convince myself that I could live without one and did so for about a year and a half. Now that I'd sold the refrigerator and had some cash, I went out and found one that I liked. No, it's not stainless steel, but it's nice regardless. The funniest part of all of this, though, is that I've had it for a few weeks now and I've used it a grand total of one time. I heated up a can of soup - vegetarian vegetable with barley. Mmm, it tasted just like it came off the stovetop! Also, I finally cancelled the cell phone that I have had since I lived in Wisconsin. I figured that it was a bit overdue, since I was already using another cell that I purchased here in the golden state.

I'm still on the lookout for a few pieces of furniture to finish off the new apartment. I would like to have some nice dining room chairs to match the beautiful, round, oak table that was graciously donated to me a while back. The two metal folding chairs there now just aren't doing it.

Happy Chairs

I would like to find a larger bed to sleep in. Besides the fact that I've never had a totally new bed, I've also never had a bed big enough for my 6'4" body. I've been sleeping on a full bed for as long as I can remember and think it's time for a California King. I guess that means I'm looking forward to getting paid finally.

I'm also watching, though not as intently, for a good deal on an aquarium and a rocking chair. Those are just a few luxuries I can see in the future. The search (usually the most fun) has led me to a few strange things. Along the way, I've found 6 copies of the same painting (a blog entry for another day) and this yard full of strange vehicles.

Happy yard of cars

Happy campering

Now I'm not entirely sure what each is made of, the resemblance to a frog is uncanny for the van. The bird-car next to it is nice, also, but the medievel camper is my favorite. It was in the shade and I didn't want to jump the fence, so this was the best picture I could get of it. I don't want to give away their location entirely (you know, to my six readers per month), but these were all found parked in a back alley in San Jose, California.

Well, gotta get going. Enjoy your day. Until we meet again.

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