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Attack of the clones

Happy Trees

There's a story for The Tree Painting.

I shop at a lot of thrift stores. Partially because I'm cheap and partially because it seems that items from yesteryear have more personality. Regardless, I bought this "painting" when I was living in the dorms during college. I can't pin down the time any more than that except to say that I think it was before any of my senior years.

It's kind of a knotted tree with a very yellow sky. It also doesn't hurt that it looked eerily like the cover of a Days of the New album.

When I finally moved out of the dorms, I got a call from a friend to tell me that she had just purchased the exact same painting at the same thrift store, Savers. Then I moved to California.

Three or four months after the big move, I began to worry about finally decorating my apartment. The first thing I tried to find was that yellow painting, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I called my brother to see if he'd seen it - he hadn't. I called my parents to see if I'd somehow left it at their house - I hadn't. I slept on it and looked again the next day but still couldn't find it. I got so desperate that I was just staring at the wall, but that wasn't helping.

Then I had a brilliant idea! Since I found the first copy at a thrift store, I'd try to find another!

I set out on a Saturday in the gooch. The very first thrift store I found had two copies! While looking over both of them for damage (you can't be too careful when paying upwards of $3.00 for fine art), I had another brilliant idea - why not buy them both? For a while it was just a little funny - having the two identical paintings hanging next to each other in the most visible part of my apartment. And then I moved out of the gooch.

Boy, was I glad to be out of the scorching hot weather. I couldn't even afford to run the air conditioning when my paintings needed it most. I was very relieved to move to the California Coast and find that no one even bothered having air conditioners. Oh yeah, and the job is better, too. Actually, the main reason for moving was to be closer to my brother and his family. Why would I want to live so near the cause of so much pain? Well, then I can spend more time shopping at thrift stores!

Within two months of moving, I'd been thrift shopping a few times. Twice during those trips, I'd found shops with two copies each of the painting. So I guess that puts my grand total at seven, but I have no idea what happened to the first copy. It's probably for the better, anyway. I can't even seem to hang six straight, let alone a seventh.

Check this out. This man's whole life has been devoted to making "the best kitty litter possible." Nice name!"

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