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November Fools

Well, Halloween is over and I've learned a few things.

1. I'm getting older. I used to go to bars in order to forget where I was. I used to go to bars to hang out with my friends. Now I go to bars to make new friends. Unfortunately, not many people want to talk to the drunk guy at 7:30 pm.

2. A watched pot truly never boils. I've been waiting for almost two hours to do laundry now. While waiting for the owner of the clothes in the washers to come out, I've done nothing. Finally when I saw the woman come out to move her clothes into the dryers, she filled the washers again. Just a few minutes ago, I watched her bring more clothes to fill the washers for a third time. Even though I've been watching the laundry room since before 9:00 am (and my clothes have been in there), I may not get my clothes wet until after 11:30.

3. You should always carry a camera with you. Last night on my trip through the town's bars, I found a construction worker dad walking his Scooby Doo son in and out of all the fast food joints on the south side. I also saw a perfectly-executed Angus Young, guitar and all. But, since I knew I'd be drinking, I didn't think an expensive digital camera would be a good companion. Sorry.

4. I'm cursed when it comes to water heaters. The last three places where I've lived have had the oldest water heaters ever (not counting when I lived with the brother). My last pad in Wisconsin poured out scalding hot water for two weeks before the landlord finally fixed it. Last year in the gooch of California, my water heater made loud banging noises whenever it kicked on (usually the middle of the night). Of course it was located between the bedrooms. This new place has the water heater stored next to the refrigerator. Because the cabinet for the water heater was huge (remember, oldest water heater ever), I had to sell off my 9-month old fridge for a loss because it wouldn't fit into the small opening. So, I was forced to use the refrigerator from the landlord that drips water down the middle because there's no condenser tray. That means that I can't keep anything in the crisper trays in the bottom because they fill with water every couple of days. Now on top of all that, the water heater itself has begun leaking and soaking the brand new floor in the kitchen. About once a day, I forget about this and walk through the kitchen wearing only my socks. Then I have to take off my socks and put them in the laundry, which I can't currently wash (see number 1).

I guess my life runs in cycles. Maybe it is a circle of karma or maybe it's a circle of continuous not-quite-great luck. Whatever it is, I'm ready for it to be over.

Happy Trina

This is a girl I used to know. Her name is Trina and she is a really beautiful girl. I screwed up and told her that her ex-boyfriend was a dork and she never talked to me again. One time I played cribbage with her dad. Ah, good times... Trina, if you're out there, send me a note.

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