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So how was your weekend?

I've been trying to watch television today. I don't normally do that because I don't have cable (why doesn't my company carry Comedy Central?) and the only station I seem to get is FOX. Whatever the reason, I've been catching a lot of commercials lately.

There's one that completely disgusts me. Oh yeah, and of course it's for tampons.

This woman walks into the bathroom and contemplates the "absorbancy" of the tampon she needs for the day. She pulls a few of the various tampons out of the box and finally decides on "regular". *Note: DUH! However, the crux of the commercial is that she makes it sound like the story of the three bears - one size is more than she needs...blah blah blah

Finally, the roommate comes through the door as the main woman heads off camera. The roommate picks up the tampon box (conveniently located in the middle of the room) and looks inside. She gives a little grimace, then says, "Someone's been using my tampons!" What the hell?

If someone had used your toothbrush, that means that they would have cleaned their teeth and then put it back. If someone used your computer, that doesn't mean they took it and never returned it. If someone had taken a tampon, I would say, "Someone's been stealing my tampons!" Only if someone had taken a tampon, used it, and returned the bloody mess back to the box would I say, "Someone's been using my tampons!"

The mental image caused by this use of the English language sickens me. I can only imagine what is in the box. I guess now I know why I try to avoid the television."

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