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Buxom British bird bares breasts on-line for charity

You asked for the update, well here you go. Just so you all know I'm on vacation and putting together a couple of big additions.

VixPix - Tits Out for Multiple Sclerosis -

[Glastonbury, UK]: Is there such a thing as getting your tits out for a good cause? Vix, a buxom British blonde who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, has decided to use her talents to promote MS awareness on the internet!It all started with a pub bet. Vix recalls, "Over a few drinks at the pub, I was approached by two chaps who had made a bet. One had bet the other 10 that I would flash my boobs. I queried the bet, saying that if I did.. the 'loser' of the bet got to see my boobs, but the winner got 10 AND got to see them. They decided that if I did it, they would give me the tenner to give to a charity of my choice. Deal done! I lift my tee shirt. I pocket the tenner and promise that I'll give it to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. When I am next in my local pub, the landlord watches me deposit the 10 note into the collection box on the bar. My partner has a thoughtful look and when I ask why, he tells me that 'We could be on to something with this'. So we decide to raise awareness of this illness and have a little fun in doing so."

In addition to some rather revealing photos, the VixPix website ( tells the story of her diagnosis, provides links to on-line MS resources and solicits donations on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (, an organization dedicated to providing support services, information and a lively on-line community for MS sufferers and carers. Lawrence Wood, Chief Executive of the MSRC said, "Anyone who reads the very moving comments on VixPix will understand why this has been far more than just a fundraising exercise. She has not only raised what to us is a very substantial sum of much needed money, but she has also changed the view of many people about those affected by this disease."

Since its inception three months ago, VixPix has nearly 4.4 million hits from 360,000 site visitors, raised over 4,000GB ($7,200US) for her charity and, despite its controversial nature, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the UK press, the website has received mainstream media coverage in continental Europe, South America, Australia & Asia, and webmasters the world over have offered their generous support of Vix' "tits out for charity" effort in the form of banner links to her site. Donations to the MSRC are accepted internationally through, a London-based company established to facilitate on-line fundraising worldwide for more than 450 charities.

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