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Habits I've adopted in order to distinguish myself from other drivers

It's gotten to the point that I simply hate driving. I have always been pretty efficient with errands - trying to only go out when I need several items. If I can hit more than one store at a time, all the better. As of tonight, I will attempt to use even more efficiency when leaving the house.

Well, either way, here is a short list of the things that I do that keep me from being an accident-waiting-to-happen.

I stay in my lane. It's true. I don't hang out close to the left or the right. I'm focused on keeping my truck in the center of the lane. I find that this puts others at ease.

I don't veer around in the lane. If I start moving within the lane, be sure that I'm getting ready to leave the lane. If I see something in the road ahead, I'll move over to avoid it, but rest assured that it won't be a jerking motion. I'll ease over just enough to miss it with my tires.

I use the turn signal. I like to give warning to others around me that I might be moving or needing to slow down in the immediate future. Sometimes I might even turn it on in advance of the turn, to the chagrin of those that might be following too closely behind. You see, I don't want to be rear-ended should I have to use the brake. Yes, even vehicles in California have brakes.

I keep speed with the flow of traffic. If the traffic, on average, is going 5 miles below the posted speed limit (yeah right), I'll be driving somewhere between that speed and 5 miles over the speed limit. If the posted speed is 65 mph and most cars are going 75 (much more likely), you'll find me moving between 70 and 80 mph. What I've learned from my ten years of driving experience (Yikes, suddenly that seems like a lot. I'm not really that old, at least I don't feel it) is that police are more interested in pulling over someone that is endangering himself or others with the speed of his vehicle. Yes, I've passed police cars. I've passed police cars going 15 mph over the speed limit, but that doesn't matter when the police car is, itself, going 13 mph over.

I always know where other cars are. I'm constantly watching the mirrors to see who is coming up on either side of me. If something gets in my way and I have to turn quickly to avoid an accident, this way I'll always know which way is safest to go. This just seems like common sense to me, but apparently others don't do it. I don't know how many times I've almost been side-swiped by some idiot who didn't see me coming up behind him, but I'm sure it's many.

Last but not least, this one distinguishes me from California drivers especially. When I'm done passing a car, I go back to the right. There are probably more cars in this state than any other in the US, but Californians haven't learned the skill yet. If residents of Wisconsin can do it, and Californians think that Wisconsinites are bumbling rednecks, then what does that say about Californians? Dumbasses! Well, listen up, dumbasses, here's the test for you... Have you ever had a car pass you on the right side? Yes? Then you're a dumbass. Move one lane to the right.

Thank you,
The Courteous Driver

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