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Heather's wedding, June 5, 2004 part 1

Happy bride

Heather, you know we're great friends, but let me just tell you a bit about the weekend that you got married. Be forewarned that I will be backtracking throughout this story. For the rest of you, this will be broken up into MANY parts (7). For it is longggg.

Your wedding fell exactly 6 days before I could have taken a leisurely vacation to visit you, my friends, and my family. Instead, I caught a red-eye flight out late on a Friday night from San Francisco. Not a big deal, it's only 125 miles from my house. I took off from my house at about 7pm in order to stop at my brother's house in San Jose and chill for a short while. I picked up a router for my computing network (thanks, bro!) and got to see my niece before I took off for the weekend. That little cutie always makes my day . She had a cold, so I didn't get a chance to hold her. Oh well, I see her pretty often, so it was all right by me.

Finally I got to the airport a little more than an hour before my flight. I found long-term parking just fine. Hopped on the shuttle to get to the terminal. Everything was just grand. Checked in for the flight and heard, "Sorry, sir, but I only have aisle seats left." I thought I might be a little late for a good seat, so I wasn't worried about anything. I picked an aisle seat and checked my bag. I started walking toward the gates and, of course, had to go through the security checkpoint.

I hadn't flown anywhere in just about six months, and since they change the policies every other day, I didn't really know what to expect. I saw barefoot people in front of me, but I didn't think anything of it. I loaded up the tray and walked through the doorway of insecurity. BEEEP. "Turn around and go back through, sir." I hadn't thought of it before, but I was wearing a belt with a large steel buckle. No problem. I took it off and piled it on my tray with my wallet, keys, and gay, blue shoulderbag. "Sir, your shoes." I guess it's a new policy that everyone has to take off his shoes at the security checkpoint. No problem. I took off my shoes and returned though the doorway. This time, no noise. Everything was grand. I packed up all of my belongings, including my shoes, and looked for a chair or bench. Of course, there weren't any nearby, so I had to carry my shoes to the nearest empty gate to replace my footwear. I also had to put on my belt, so I started wrapping it around my waist, through the loops on my pants when I realized that it looked like my pants had just been around my ankles. I didn't envy anyone walking by.

The wait for boarding was pretty boring. I kept making eye contact with a girl waiting at the gate, but I never saw her again, so I guess she got on a different flight. The real excitement began when we were in the air.

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