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Heather's wedding, June 5, 2004 part 4

I hopped into my Ford Freakin' Taurus and made my way through the city toward my parents' house. SIDENOTE2: I don't usually drive home from the airport. In fact, I think this the first time that I've not been picked up at the airport when I arrived in MSP. If you couple that with the fact that I'd now been awake for far too long, you've got a dangerous situation. I was driving up the 35W, not really paying attention (driving relaxes me, it's all become subconscious by now. Besides, it's really late. It can't become early until you have actually been asleep) when I look up to notice that I'd gotten off the highway. Now I was in downtown Minneapolis. Luckily, I was near where brother used to live, so I knew my way around a little bit. Now, the funny thing about the real downtown of Minneapolis that isn't on major roads is that stoplights are tiny. Not only are they small, they're placed only on the corners of the streets. I'm not sure how many lives I endangered that morning, but I finally admitted to myself that I should get off the road as soon as possible when, driving down the street with a car on my left and car on my right, the other cars both stopped at a red light - I went right through it. I didn't realize that I'd done it, either, until I looked in the rear-view and saw them stopped.

Luckily, the rest of the trip was not as exciting. I think.

I arrived in my mother's driveway (dad was already gone at a record show), brought my bags inside and gave her a hug. She, of course, wanted to make me some breakfast. I told her that "I'll pass" and I picked up my bags to bring into the spare bedroom. As I picked them up, I remembered that my unwrapped gift was still in the suitcase. I mentioned it to my mother because I knew that she'd offer to wrap if for me. She rules! She asked me if I wanted it in a box or a gift bag, and, not thinking, I chose the box. The reason that I say, "not thinking," is that I know that she keeps her gift-wrapping materials under the bed. In the spare room. Where I want to sleep. I finally got her out of the room, took a picture of my socks, and hit the hay. I had three hours to sleep!

No sooner did my eyes shut, seemingly, than the alarm sounds. I felt a whole hell of a lot better, so I didn't really mind getting up. I put on some clothes and went to chat with my mother for a while. We sat at the table talking for a short time before she had to leave for work (just the antique store, nothing too stressing). I took a shower, packed up my things again and took off for Wisconsin.

One hundred miles later and I was in Kelly's driveway. I turned off the car and rang the doorbell. She was already ready. What a girl! We started walking back to the car and she said, "nice car," but in a sincere way. All I could do was shake my head. I told her the whole story as we got into the car. Out of her mouth, then, came the most frightening words I'd ever heard, "Do you know where we are going?" I didn't. I told her that and she just laughed. I tried to explain that I had tried to print out maps but the website didn't like me. Now all she could do is shake her head. At least we were even.

We quickly brainstormed about where to find maps and we remembered that her boss (my old boss) was home. Kelly didn't have internet access at her house. So, we made a pitstop on campus to print out a few maps (and a few blank pages. I think your printer is broken, Jen), another pitstop at a fast-food joint, and then we were on the road. Stupidly, however, I had assumed that the wedding was about a half hour drive from Kelly's house. I was off by about 40 minutes.

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