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Heather's wedding, June 5, 2004 part 5

The wedding ceremony was scheduled to start at 2:00 pm. We found the church at approximately 2:10 pm. I came 2155 miles by airplane, airport shuttle, and Ford Taurus and we missed you by ten minutes. Sorry, Heather. Instead of trying to sneak into the back of the wedding (where you would have presumably been making your big entrance), we went to Goodwill and then back to the hotel room. Don't worry, we didn't have any fun without you. I watched television and tried to make the room not stink. Kelly played with a handheld Yahtzee game.

Happy date

I had long since lost my actual invitation to the wedding, along with the invitation to the reception. Kelly never had one, since she was my date, and she'd only met you once before. In any case, we weren't sure when the reception started, but we knew where it was. Thinking that it started around 5:00 pm, we left for the reception then. We arrived while chairs were being put in place still. We stayed anyway. We sat at a table a little out of the way, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible. The only direction we were given was that the long table was reserved for the wedding party. Duh! As we sat down, we found this thing staring back at us.

Happy snacking!

I think it may have been cheese. I ate anyway.

Kelly and I sat together, alone. We chatted about anything that came up. It was probably a little uncomfortable because we hadn't seen each other in just about two years. Well, okay, I stayed with her one night back in December, but that doesn't count. I got to buy her graduation dinner and then she made me watch a chick flick. Whatever.

People started to show up and join us in the big dining hall. I promised that I would point out anybody that I knew. I wasn't saying anything. It didn't matter, no one was sitting with us anyway. We just kept eating the cheese. We did, however, vow to stay away from the bar until you and Casey arrived. That was a tough promise to keep!

Finally, you and the rest of the wedding party arrived in a big group. The big hurrah! Well, I suppose that it was your wedding and all. You all walked single file through middle of the hall, in an almost magical way. You were looking around to see who was there before you when you got near enough to nearly run into me. I won't soon forget the way your face lit up and you smiled when you saw me. My camera was right in front of me, but I didn't get a picture. The only regret for the entire weekend.

You looked so beautiful. Casey surely is a lucky man. Lucky that he met you before I had the guts to tell you how gorgeous a person you are. Some day, I may actually tell you! ;) By the way, I knew immediately that the tan was fake. Still, you pulled it off.

Happy bride

The reception was great, and the food was great. I didn't have to eat bread all night, even as a vegetarian. Thanks for that. I've never seen such an impressive display of steamed carrots before. Oops, no picture of that, either. Second regret - I lied. Not only was I excited to be at your wedding to see you (and, I guess, Casey), but we have so many mutual friends that I hadn't seen in such a long time that I knew I would find there. You, again, did not disappoint. Here's me between Drew (on my right) and Toby (on my not right).

Happy chums

A few beers and a few conversations into the night, I remembered exactly how tired I was from the massive amount of traveling. With the music pumping a little too loud, Kelly and I snuck out the front door. I am sorry that we didn't get to say goodbye, but you had just started dancing. I would have had to interrupt you from chicken dancing, and we all know that's bad luck. Besides, Karen, Erin, and Janelle had found out that Kelly and I aren't dating and had threatened to make me dance with other single girls at the reception. We hastily retreated.

To Walmart. Their Reese's Pieces were calling to me. Also, Kelly needed cough drops because if she'd kept me up all night with incessant coughing, I might have killed her. Actually, now that I think of it, I might have been all right to do that because the room was under her name.

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