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Better than ever! EVER!

So I had a couple of technical difficulties. First they were just with the bill. Then they were with the site itself. Last, they were with the brother. Whatever, man, you moved! I like the ocean.

But whatever, we have a new format up. I like it. Andrew tried to say that it looked a little religious. Screw that. I think it looks like the Aerosmith logo. I hear good things about their new album, but if it turns out to be a flop (like the last few), they should have stopped recording in 1990. "Oh, Bruce Willis, save me!" I will forge ahead, Steven Tyler.

There are a couple of changes here, if you hadn't noticed. The reviews are gone. Fine. I stole almost all of them from the Amazon. From now on, I'll just point out good albums (see above).

The old comments are gone. Sorry, Kuiama. I couldn't take your horrid spelling any longer. Wasn't that your New Years' resolution anyway?

Colors are new. Format is new. The calendar is new. I'd also like to say that the belt buckle is new, but you've been staring at it for 4 months. Whatever.

So, the white boy is back.

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