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A couple of new faces

Here at StuffLife, we welcome expansion. There's nothing wrong with making a happy family larger. In that vein, please welcome the newest members of my family.

Happy Lizards

Clearly my bearded dragons are fans of Escher.

I purchased these two beauties in San Jose over the weekend. Turns out that Debbie and Ron (Happy Birthday again) rescued a mated pair recently. Over the course of this summer, dad Rex and mom Pele had 146 children. My two came from batch four of six, hatched on July 20.

So, without further ado...

Happy Ike

His name is Eisenhower. Of the Dwight D. variety. I had tossed around many ideas for naming my new pets. I decided against naming them as a duo in case something happened to one of them. However, I'll share with you some of the possibilities that had come to mind. Derek and Hansel (think Zoolander), Eddie and Alex Van Lizard (NOT Van Hagar), and Brady and Newton (the Wayne brothers).

I can't take all the credit for Ike's name, though. Thanks are in order for San Jose State University, their graduate program, and J.

Oh, and he's playing in the water because he is currently shedding.

Happy Liberace

His name is Liberace. Yes, THAT Liberace. Part of the reason that I got away from name duos is that I couldn't find a partner [sic] for Liberace. I couldn't use "Elvis" because then I would have to start wearing sequinned jumpsuits. I couldn't use "Elton John" because I was pretty sure I'd face too many questions about my sexuality. I couldn't use "Piano" because, well, that's just not a name for an exotic pet.

Anyways, Liberace is a great name. It's fun. It's memorable. Most of all, it's unique - like Sigourney or Charlize or Cher.

I need help.

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