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Heather's wedding, June 5, 2004 part 7

I arrived back in San Francisco at the predicted time of around 11:30. I made my way down to the baggage claim area, used the restroom, and then found a place to sit and wait for my bag. I sat for a long time waiting for my bag to pop up on the carousel when the carousel stopped moving. I thought perhaps that they were switching to another carousel, but then realized that most people had already gotten their bags and left. As I sat there thinking of what to do next, a woman walked by and loudly said, "that's all the bags. We have to go into the office." I followed her into the baggage office and asked them if my bag had arrived separately. They told me that my bag was missing. I gave the woman at the counter some information about the bag and then my contact information. While I was waiting for her to input all of these things into a computer, I remembered taking my truck keys out of that bag and putting them into my carry-on. Wow, was I relieved. That meant that I didn't have to wake up my brother at such a late hour. I left the airport at about 12:30 and got home around 2:15. I had already planned to miss the next day of work, so I passed out in bed as soon as I got home.

I had left San Francisco with one checked bag and a carry-on. When I returned, all I had was my carry-on, a piece of paper with my contact information, and a promise to deliver. On Monday night, the airline called to say that my bag had shown up. When I asked where my bag had gone, the caller laughed. Apparently, my bag had been in SFO, but got caught in a bag jam. However, because no one walked down the conveyor after all the bags had shown up, at least ten people went home that night without their luggage. What a lovely way to end a vacation. What an even lovelier way to begin one. Regardless, the airline promised to deliver my bag the next day around dinnertime. As I should have expected, when I got home at about 3:30 the next day, the bag had already been unsuccessfully delivered. Since I live in an apartment and FedEx won't leave packages, I had to drive into Monterey to pick it up. I got home around 5:15 pm that day - finally, and officially, ending my weekend.

So, here's a breakdown of one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

I drove 550 miles.

I flew 4110 miles, in 8.5 hours.

I was on 4 different airport shuttles.

Between Friday night and Sunday morning, I slept 12 hours, conservatively.

I got screwed out of a window seat, TWICE.

I did not receive a vegetarian meal, even when reserved as such, TWICE.

No Mustang, but a Ford Taurus is an upgrade! (??)

I ran a red light, hopefully only once.

My luggage got lost, and then found, and then I had to go get it anyway.

I got to see a great friend on the most important day of her life.

All of this was for you, Heather. I just wish that we could have had more time to talk. Next time, don't be getting married, okay? Still, it was worth every second. Until next time...

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