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I missed a good weekend with the boys

Tuesday night I got this email from my pal Randy. You might remember him from the mohawk incident.

"Subject: recyclables

Still having problems counting them, I say there are 265, Mike thinks it's 272. (The bottom two rows are two deep)"

Happy lushes

I knew that (from left to right) Mike, Randy, Dan, Chris and Evan were staying at a cabin for the weekend, enjoying a beverage or three. I even got a group call on Saturday night, but the conversation didn't last long. They didn't have much reception on a cell phone while sitting on a pontoon in the middle of a lake. They also were slurring their words pretty badly.

There was more to this email than just a huge pile of beer cans, though. Okay, it's impressive for the five of them over two days to have drunk either 265 or 272 beers. Mathematically, that's about 27 each, each day. Plus, they were sober enough to take this picture before they left the cabin. Also, imagine the amount of money they can recuperate just by recycling the cans...

But, no. The thing that stuck out for me in the picture was Evan. I've talked to the guy countless times, but I guess that I've never really looked closely at his face. Evan's face is very angular and comes to a point at the chin, like a muppet. Or a character from Sesame Street.

Happy Smiley

Can you see the resemblance?

Correction from Randy

"I like the article but actually we were there for three days: 272 divided by 5 guys is 54.4 beers each -- TOTAL. Divide that by 3 nights and you get 18.133333. See, we're really just moderate drinkers! Plus, several soldiers were surrendered to the kraut and onion tub that the brats bathed in during their final minutes."

So, I'm sorry about that. Chris even told me that this all happened between Wednesday night and Saturday morning, but I never thought to figure out that it was really three days. It's a good thing that my job doesn't involve any sort of logic or mathematical accuracy.


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