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Those little rascals

I've had a lot going on lately. I realize that's no excuse for ignoring my adoring fan, but let me make it up to you. New pictures of my four legged friends!!! Sit back and enjoy.

Happy Terrarium

Yep, they're in there. Let me explain what exactly you're looking at.

Their tank is a 55 gallon aquarium. They share it. I put up a Nirvana poster as a backdrop because even Kurt Cobain is more interesting to look at than electrical cords. On the left top of the tank are two separate flourescent fixtures to emit UV-A and UV-B light. This aids the bearded dragons in their skin generation and digestion. In the middle of the tank, on the back glass on Dave Grohl's throat, are a hygrometer (humidity gauge) and thermometer. The right side of the tank holds 3 spotlamp fixtures. The two closest to the middle of the tank are actually basking bulbs, designed as spotlights. The one on the right is a infrared bulb used only for heating purposes. All light fixtures except the infrared are on a timer to allow for 12 hours of light each day. The lucky bastards, Liberace and Eisenhower don't get up until 9:30 each day!

Below the table is the collection of extra boxes, bulbs, fixtures, cups, paper towel tubes, and cricket food and water. Also, all the crickets liver in the two large tubs. It's becoming therapeutic to hear crickets chirping each night. I can't believe I just wrote that. Eww.

In various places around the terrarium you'll find their feeding tongs (for mealworms and other grubs that I don't want to touch), misting bottle, cricket-dusting cup, cricket-dusting powder, and food preparation area (my kitchen counter).

On the very left of the picture, you'll see the first game of the Astros - Braves playoff series.

Checking on progress...

Happy Lizards

Here they are in all their cuteness. They've sure grown, too!! When I got them just over a month ago, they were probably in the 6-8 inch range, from tip of the nose to tip of the tail, now Liberace is 11 inches in length! He's on the right. Eisenhower isn't nearly as long, technically, because Liberace has become a bit of a bully. I was gone for a couple of days this past weekend. When I returned on Sunday, I found that the end of Ike's tail was gone. I don't know if they were fighting or if Liberace was just hungry, but this is the second time that Ike has had battle wounds. You can barely make it out, but his tail looks as though it comes to a sharp point - that's the new end of his tail.

He is still a beautiful animal, though, beginning to turn bronze in the legs and head. Liberace, however, is completely immaculate. He darkens during stress, and I had just finished cleaning the tank, so he's a bit more brown than normal. When he's calm, his entire body turns yellow-green. He has all of his toes and claws, and his tail is almost exactly half of his body length. Spectacular!!!

Well, that's what is happening in the living room. Until next time...

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