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A good cause

I love my wife. End of story. Nothing else to tell. So what is there to exclaim?

This coming weekend, Melissa and I are walking on behalf of the March of Dime's. Seems that nowadays, one out of every eight babies is born prematurely. Some are born dangerously premature. One such beautiful baby is my neice Annabella. She was born on August 3, 2003 at only 26 weeks of gestation. Born 14 weeks early, she weighed a scant 24 ounces!! That's 1.5 pounds!!! Two cans of soda!!!! Annabella's foot was about the size of a quarter and her dad's wedding band fit all the way around her clenched fist.

I mention that her fist was clenched because Annabella is a fighter. She was born ready to take on the world, even though her eyes had not yet opened.

Over 21 months later, she's a happy, healthy, spunky toddler.

If you would like to join the March of Dime's effort, you can do it two ways. Sponsor a walker (like her mom), or join the team by following these steps. 1 Go to 2 Click on "Register Online Now!" 3 Choose "I am walking with a company..." 4 Enter BELLAPALOOZA in the search.

The only other thing I wanted to mention was a great blog site. The purpose of the site is to help haunted by their pasts or skeletons in their closets. You write a postcard and they scan it and post it. Seems simple, but it is very powerful and emotional. Take a look for yourself at

Thanks, have a great Tuesday,

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