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Who's with me?

It's been a long time since I've just blogged. I agree that I just need to set aside more time during the day to do it. Simple. Yeah right!

Things have been good lately for me. Even though I managed to come down with the flu at the end of May and then pass it on to my wife who still currently has it, things are good. I've refound some of the exuberance for life that was missing for a while. I wasn't depressed, but I felt like I was only a step away from it.

So what has been on my mind has been the state of the world. The US is in year 3 (maybe more?) of a war that should have never been started. Politicians that initially backed it are beginning to say that it has to stop. Now that the ball is rolling like this, though, can the US simply withdraw troops? We're in the middle of a renewed, strong offensive to try and protect Baghdad. Yes, I say. Bring them home.

Corporations are making millions of dollars in profit every second and my wife and I, both public employees, are just scraping by. When analysts try to make sense of the distribution of wealth in the US, they totally overlook that anomaly. Why should the head of a bank make more money than 99% of the people that use his facility? Who can justify paying a basketball player 5 million dollars for 84 performances a year when a teacher works 185 days a year and will never see 5 million dollars in his lifetime? And don't get me started on rappers...

So, does this all make me a radical? A free thinker? Call me whatever you like. I don't care, truly. Just don't expect me to fork over $29.95 a month for the privelege of watching public television (hint: it's supposed to be free). I am not a total anarchist, though, don't get me wrong. Services cost money and I'm willing to pay for certain luxuries. But I have a real problem when entertainment moguls exist just to profit off of the drivel that makes me turn the television and find a book to read.

Do me a favor, ladies and gentlemen. Go to Goodwill, buy a couple of story books, and then read them. Aloud, preferably, to someone young enough to be saved.

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