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Baby steps to a regular update

Okay, so I've gotten sort of political lately. I married a gorgeous woman who is much more politically active than I was. She's taught me a lot about a public that doesn't think and doesn't know about the policies that govern it. As long as there is unfairness in the world around me, I'll be there to write about it with sarcastic words of ridicule. On my blog.

Note: that was not an apology for my behavior. If you're one of the three people that read this site that I've never met in person and you don't like it - tell someone that you're angry, even if that person is me.

Well then, I figure I should start by filling in my adoring public with all the goings-on of the last six weeks or so.

End of July, 2005. Melissa and I were spending the day with some Italian friends (Andrea, Grazia, Una, Gaia, and Cosimo) while they were all in the US together. During dinner, I had to excuse myself from the table because I wasn't feeling well and am sweating something awful. If you didn't know, leaving a plate full of food on the table is just as insulting to an Italian cook as dumping the food on her lap. Fast forward two hours. I'm clenching the railing of a hospital bed, pleading for relief from the worst pain I've ever felt.

I had two small kidney stones.

You know what I want to be doing on a Saturday with my wife? Hanging out in the Emergency Room of a Catholic Hospital at midnight. Good times!

Early August, 2005. Melissa has a series of medical appointments to have her thyroid output checked out. For those of you that don't know, thyroid is pretty directly related to metabolism. Melissa has had Hashimoto's Thyroidism for 15+ years but recently it has been especially hard to regulate the medication (synthetic thyroxine) that she isn't producing naturally. Her endocrinologist notices that her thyroid gland is rather large. Scary large enough to order an ultrasound and biopsy. The ultrasound results in the doctor calling her thyroid gland "five times normal size." The biopsy results in Melissa being in pain and in bed for 36 consecutive hours.

About August 11, 2005. Melissa develops a throat problem. She feels constant pressure (probably from the enlarged gland in her neck that cradles the trachea) that makes her feel choked most of the time. Nausea and vomiting follow. She vomits twice a day for most of the next week until we finally make a trip to Urgent Care to check for strep throat (the tests are both negative, but the prescribed penicillin almost immediately stops the queasiness.). The noteable exception to the twice-a-day-barfing is the 13th, our wedding reception. Family and friends mingled and sipped a champagne toast under the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

August 25, 2005. Melissa undergoes a right thyroid lobectomy. I think they called the right half of her thyroid gland "one giant multi-nodular cyst" and that pretty much described how I was feeling, too. So, Dr. Rose removed the entire right lobe, all 7-9 centimeters of it.

And that takes us up to current space and time. Melissa is on painkillers to assist her in recovering from having her neck traumatized by scalpel. She's recuperating nicely so far, and is practicing long breaths in and out (now without pressure!), moving her neck around, and eating increasingly solid food. And sleep. Don't forget sleeping! It was very difficult for her to sleep with her air supply partly choked off all the time.

So, as she drifted off to sleep tonight, I snuck in here to check my email (first time in three days, yay!). Now that I notice she looks so adorable sleeping, though, I'm going to join her in bed.

one half of a medically-challenged couple

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