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Last week was a week full of multi-legged beasts. I don't have any phobias, but I certainly don't like the things, either.

Heebie-Jeebies = that feeling of discomfort when skin crawls. Usually accompanies a sighting of a crawling creature, ironic as that is.

Melissa and I like to go for a walk every day when she gets home from work. About this time last week, I glanced down at a wheel well as we walked by at dusk and found something staring back at me. I didn't have my camera on hand, so I tried to snap its picture as I passed it the next morning. This is what I found.

Happy Wheel Well

Was it gone? Did I miss it?

Happy Hollow

I guess my chance to capture this beast had eluded me...

During our walks the next few days (in the afternoons), I hadn't seen anything there. Then on Friday night, we left a little later than usual and found it there again!

Happy Hunting

AHH! I caught it, if only as a digital image!

Happy to be a widow!

Out of focus. Sorry, didn't really want to spend a lot of time bent over annoying the BLACK WIDOW spider!

Yeah, that's right, black widow spider! Living not far from our front door. The scary thing is that I'm sure people walk by that truck several times a day and never even bother to look down. Could be because the pesky guy is nocturnal! You can't see it during the day because it's hiding! And at night you can't see it because it's dark. Tricky. I guess I could go kill the thing, but then it might jump on me and bite me. Eww.

Wait, so did I miss it the first time I stopped and took pictures of the wheel well? Let's take a look.

Happy Hiding

So it was there!

Happy Sleeping

I'm glad I didn't get my face too close in there looking for it!

So, the stories about bugs gets better. The week isn't over yet!

Sunday, Melissa is in the bedroom, picking up a pillow off of the floor. She pulled on one of the pillows next to the wall and bumped the electrical plugs in the outlet. Suddenly, the plug falls out of the wall and this happens!

Happy Colony

I had already hosed down the wall with orange peel extract (apparently it kills ants and tastes great on soy ice cream); that's why the wall looks so shiny. The tan things in the grounding plug of the bottom outlet are ant eggs. That's not all of them either. I removed the outlet cover and found ten times that many inside! Very gross.

If being married and being the husband means having to deal with all the bug problems, I'll take it, but I might need a raise!

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