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Too many stimuli

It's a possibility that nothing exciting happens to me anymore. Not distinct, but a possibility nonetheless. So, here's what my dog has been up to lately.

I took Matteo for a walk yesterday. He goes out to "evacuate" several times each day - two at the least, but usually closer to four thousand - but I don't think it counts as a walk unless we go past the garbage can. Yesterday, I had to take a walk a few blocks in order to return a movie to our newly found local, family video store (i.e. they have an "adults-only" room), so I dragged poochie poochie along with me.

Perhaps it's the reason that we don't go for walks more often, or maybe it is all because we don't go for walks more often, but Matteo is not a good walking dog. He is completely incapable of taking more than six steps in a row without stopping to heavily inhale the fragrance de otherdog, which he did for all of three blocks there and three blocks back. And he was tired when we returned. It might have been from resisting my pull-him-away-from-the-pile-of-dogdoo, or he could simply be old.

And speaking of doggie business, he paused our walk in order to do his business in the parking lot of a business along the way. A nice big one, too. That I really didn't want to pick up and carry around with me while I try to find a trash can, but I did any way. Thanks, Mansbestfriend.

Oh yeah, and thank you for waking Melissa and me up at 5:30 am on Monday so you could pretend to vomit. Maybe it's time for you to find a new bed to try to push me off.

- Your loyal healthcare provider,
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