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Freedom (sort of) that is temporary (only until next week)

Do you know what rules? Ten days off rules! Especially when they're in a row! Don't worry, mom. I didn't get fired.

Has it really been over 5 months since my last post? Sorry about that, guys (okay, guy, and he's related to me). So much has happened to me since November 9, 2005. My wife and I had a roommate because we were having some difficulty paying a few bills. I guess that's what happens when we had a trip to the emergency room each, wifey had surgery to remove a non-cancerous growth, and then she needed new veneers on six teeth (think half-crowns), all in four months.

Anyway, the roommate was a complete dud and deadbeat. And then our storage shed was burglarized. Strangely, the landlord forgot to mention that since all the carports faced away from everyone, they got broken into all the time and there have even been a couple cars stolen. Hmm. Well, we decided to move to the SanHo. Best decision ever. My commute will be long and boring for a couple of months while I search for a new job, but I'm sure to get a raise when I do find something better. Melissa's commute is now virtually non-existent, so we finally get to spend time together on a regular basis. Oh yeah, and I'm not convinced that it was a total coincidence, but she got a raise and promotion, too! Things are on the up-and-up.

So, on the homefront, we are still adjusting to the new place because it is much smaller. The bathroom is tiny, but useable for the most part. The kitchen is small and strangely designed, and it came with its own pets! I was awakened this morning to screams of surprise that usually accompany finding a mouse in the kitchen. My wife was in the kitchen, guess what she found! Besides having to do some work to get the furnace to work on a regular basis, we've been very lucky with this place. Great location, safe street, and quiet neighbors. And a fireplace.

Without further ado, though, here are some pictures I wanted to share with everyone.

Happy Cutting

We recently drove up to Oregon to visit a friend and I got to do a little bit of wood-splitting. I must be out of practice because I was very sore the next day. It looks so much easier when someone else does it. To my defense, though, I want to point out that it was not pine or any other of the soft woods. Those oak stumps are going down the next time I'm in Oregon! I've started training at the YMCA for you'se!

Happy Wifey

Around Christmas time, Melissa and I went to Palm Springs, CA and visited the Living Desert, which I thought was supposed to be like a zoo. It's not a zoo. There also wasn't much there that I would have labelled "living". It did, however, have an enormous model city of trains and buildings and waterfalls. Didn't make much sense to me, either. As they were having the annual display of lights, there was a comedian/magician, who was, I'm sure, related to either "living" or "desert" in some way that I've not yet put my finger on. He was old.

Happy Doggy

Here is a picture of my dog. His name is Matteo.

Happy Doggy?

Here is a picture of a dog that looks like Matteo would look if he still lived on the street. The man with this dog is the caretaker. I think. We found these two in Sausalito, CA. Pretty sure they are townies.

Happy Tat

My friend Terese has a funny name. Did you pronounce it like Therese? That's wrong. It's pronounced Terrace. Yeah, weird, huh? Anyway, Terese is awesome. She's a Newcastle-loving, bird-watching biologist. She wisely chose not to put a beer bottle on her shoulder, and so her next logical choice was to put a bird there. I bet most of you will think that's a hummingbird, but it's not. Rookie mistake. Kingfisher. It sure is pretty, though, and I know I won't make that rookie mistake again. Props to you, Terese. Oh yeah, and Kara's cool, too!
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