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Aging Asian Agent

I wish I knew one...

I've been playing Minesweeper again. It's been about a week now and I haven't yet returned to the rhythm that made me a Second Team All-American, but I feel it coming back slowly.

I started playing Minesweeper as soon as I knew about the game, which was on Windows 3.1. My best guess is that it has been more than 11 years. During that time, of course, I have used more than several computers to play the game, and because of that, some of the scores may not actually be my best time (specifically Intermediate and Beginner), but here are the best times I could find on any of computers I use regularly.

Beginner - 3 sec.
Intermediate - 30 sec.
Expert - 78 sec.

According to this website, you can be a top eschelon player if the sum of your three record scores is less than 100 seconds. Well, I am pretty sure I can beat that Intermediate score, but maybe not by the requisite 12 seconds in order to be in the company of such amazing athletes.

Who knows? I'll keep you posted. It's not like I can post anything else right now anyway - I can't seem to get my version of Photoshop to open.

P.s. Kuiama, are you really still reading this?

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