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All-Picture Post

...since I finally got Photoshop up and running again.

Some things I've been meaning to put up for quite some time. I had another one of these a LONG time ago. Back by popular demand. Shoe retirements!!

Happy Shoes

I actually retired these shoes in Italy the night before Melissa and I got married. I left them on top of the closet. I think Melissa was embarrassed to see me in them anymore - they were pretty ratty.

Happy Shoes, Man

They were brown Sketchers that I had had for years. They never really showed wear on the top because there was never intended to be a smooth finish. The soles on each shoe was broken and worn down to the screws. Bye bye, shoes. Enjoy Italy!!

Shoe retirement #3!

Happy Foot Coverings

Melissa and I had our first anniversary vacation in Berkeley at the same hotel where we stayed when we got engaged. It seemed fitting. I left the shoes in the nightstand.

Happy Leather Butts

This pair of shoes was purchased to replace the brown pair of Sketchers that was retired in Italy. These were black Sketchers. I seem to have good luck not destroying them right away. And they are pretty comfortable. This pair didn't last nearly as long because the outer part of the shoe was supposed to be polished leather and took a beating. I'm not generally careful with shoes, so I'm not really sure why I went for the polished look.

Happy Couple

While we were in Berkeley (for more than just to retire the shoes), we stopped in again at the store where we purchased our engagement rings. We brought back a couple of things, again. We were, however, disappointed to find that our favorite restaurant, The Blue Nile, had closed its doors permanently. That's where we ate after the question was popped.

Here. Cleanse your palet.

Happy Doggy

I was playing around with the macro settings on the camera and ended up with this adorable one of my adorable friend. I consider him to be my son - my very short, very hairy son.

About a month ago, Melissa and I were out shopping and decided to stop and pick up some adult beverages. We tried this particular one the night before with Kara and Terese. Well, I'll tell the whole story in pictures...

Melissa and I stopped here.

Happy Liquids

I made my choice - a six-pack of this.

Happy Dark Beer

This fell out.

Happy Brazilian Beer

He fell next to my foot - and caused this.

Happy Gluejob

The pictures were a little bit blurry, so I took another.

Happy Cuts

I ended up in the emergency room at O'Connor Hospital. Again. Same place where we finally settled when I had the kidney stones.

The good news is that even though the glue didn't stick (no pun intended, oh, who am I kidding?) and the healed wound is pretty ugly, I have already had good contact with the liability carrier for BevMo and they're definitely picking up the tab for the doctor's visit. It doesn't look that bad, but it was actually a very deep cut that went horizontal, right under the skin. It hit both toes and I had to wear flip-flops for about a week and a half because I didn't want to get sock funk into it while it was healing. It was kind of ironic, though, because it wouldn't have happened this way if I HADN'T been wearing flip-flops in the first place. At least it was summer.

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