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Feeling Old - Say What?

It's embarrassing to admit that I felt even the slightest bit old by having to write that I'd been playing Minesweeper for over eleven years. Then it got worse. This week, it got lots worse.

My friends are buying homes. BUYING homes. Buying HOMES. And those are just MY friends, who are almost all the same age as me (within two years, give or take). Mike bought a house like three years ago - he was always very responsible with his money, though. Then Nick and Amy got married, gosh, like five years ago and then bought a house at the end of last year. Now, Randy bought a house a few months ago. Kelly bought a house a few weeks ago. Travis and Wendy got married about the same time as Melissa and I got married. After they had a daugther named Zoe. Then, recently, they had a son named Zander and bought a puppy and a house. Melissa's friends have houses in other countries (Belgium, Italy, Mars) and Mandy and John have even decided to sell their house and build a new one.

Well, at least I feel better knowing that none of my friends have bought homes West of the Mississippi River.

But then it got worse. I had a pair of knee surgeries in the late 1990's, and after the first one, the doctor told me that I would be arthritic by the time I was thirty. I thought to myself, "Self, there's no way that could happen to you. You're Dennis. You don't need a meniscus."

Turns out that I do. At a store earlier this week, I kneeled down to look at something and realized that, as a stood up, the weird grinding noise coming from under my kneecap didn't sound normal. Or good. And, most importantly, didn't feel normal or good.

And then to top it all off, during all of the Independence Day concerts that Melissa and I attended last Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, I needed ear plugs. In a bad way. I can pinpoint my hearing loss to a Citizen King concert that Cody and I saw back in about 1999 in Menomonie, Wisconsin, but it is more important that I make sure not to suffer any more.

Melissa and I spent three days at the Discovery Meadow in San Jose and saw such acts as Kung-fu Vampire, The Dresden Dolls, The Violent Femmes, The Greg Kihn Band, Pat Travers, John Waite, and the JC Smith Band. The three days of concerts were put on by three different radio stations, and I'd have to say that only the classic rock station on the first day knew how to find the correct volume for a crowd. The grand finale of the "weekend", however, was the fireworks show on Tuesday night by a local television station. Yeah, really. Television stations around here are notorious for blasting hearing aids right out of people's ears. Well, thanks to them, I had Neil Diamond's "Coming to America" pierce my eardrums, enter my brain, and kick the back of my eyeballs.

Sorry, no pictures.

So, just to recap for the sake of everyone - my friends are starting to acquire spouses, houses, and children; I have pains in my knee; and I am starting to lose my hearing. Jogging suits and pants-up-to-my-nipples, HERE I COME!!!

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