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S O C K S ! !

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This has been a really long time coming. Let me set up the story for you.

I remember the last time I wore socks that matched - June 22, 2002 - Andrew and Dawn's Wedding. The time before that? I don't have the foggiest idea.

I believe it all started in college. I didn't think it was necessary to throw away two socks when only one developed a hole. Who had money to purchase new socks, anyways? And on top of all that, I wanted to do something a little bit different fashion-wise that would be difficult to notice at first glance.

So, big brother Andrew and I brainstormed and decided that if I was doing something as strange as always wearing mismatched socks, I should document the situation. I had received a digital camera about six months prior to the decision, so beginning on January 1, 2004, I took a picture of my socks every night before I went to bed. If I never put socks on during the day, I took a picture of my bare feet.

To my surprise, I never missed a day. Not even one. All through 2004, I took 366 (don't forget Leap Year Day) pictures of my foot apparel, or lack thereof.

During this time, many things in my life changed greatly. I met my wife; we got engaged, we moved in together, and we began planning our trip to Italy to get married. I went on vacations and visited friends and family in other states, but through it all, I never once forgot to take the picture.

I decided to keep taking pictures past 2004, but I have since stopped. There were three big reasons for February 3, 2005 being the last picture,

1. The trip to Italy was a life-changing event and a signal that my new life was about to begin.
2. Italy is nine hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, so I didn't know when I would have had to take the pictures for them to count.
3. I realized that the last night I slept in my bed in California was the exactly 400th day. And 400 pictures of my socks (or bare feet) seemed like a good enough number to have.

Without further ado, S O C K S ! !

psst.. I also updated the "NON-Gallery" in the "GALLERY" section.

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