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I've been meaning to write this up for some time now.

Don Crooks passed away on February 28th, 2007. He was like an extra grandfather that I inherited when I moved to California. When I first arrived in this state, he let me know that his door would be open for every holiday dinner and celebration. It was nice to receive an unexpected gift of family like that. Don finally succumbed to a long battle with lung problems, brought on by his career research. Even though I knew Don with an oxygen tank longer than I knew him without, what I will miss most about him is his big heart. Rest in Peace, Don. I hope the greens are well-kept where you are now.

I had the opportunity to play at Cinnabar Hills recently. On my way up the hill to the parking lot, I remembered a tee that Don had given me with his name on it. I planted it in the garden and left a ball on it for him. Take your time, line it up, and make it count, Don.

Also, on April 17, 2007, we welcomed the newest addition to the family, in my nephew, Redding David. He was born premature, just shy of 34 weeks, but he's much further along than Annabella, when she arrived at 26 weeks. I helped out by baby sitting a proud big sister for a few hours while Dawn went into surgery. A few hours later, we were all at the hospital to visit. I'm proud to announce that everyone is doing very well!

I don't have any additions or news to announce at my house, but Melissa and I are also doing well. While trying to stay on top of health care, I found out recently that my contact prescription has changed for the first time in ten years. I may even have to start wearing TWO contacts. You can guess that I'm not that thrilled about this development.

Oh yeah, and John, I heard your challenge in Guitar Hero 2. I'm up to 18 perfect songs now!

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